Keynote speaker / Foredragsholder

Inspiration for change

The perfect energy boost for workshops, leader seminars, sales training, when celebrating something, or starting a new project. 

Team members or colleagues are used to the sound of their leaders.

Skilled leaders know this, and they also recognize that they build respect and trust when offering new inspiration to their organization.


Bringing in external speakers that ask questions in a different way, use other words, and speak from a position not affected by the current culture and working relationships, is often what is needed to inspire a well-working team, or spark the needed change in teams that have stopped thriving. 

However, a keynote or a team-coaching session has little or no value if the topics addressed are not followed up afterward.


That is why we strongly recommend thinking through what the goal of a keynote is, and that it fits the strategy of the operational or strategic goals of the organization. 

It can be smart to think through questions like:
- What topics or skillsets do we want to improve moving forward?
- What challenges do we currently experience that slows us down in the pursuit of our goals? 
- Do we experience challenges tied to technical issues, or mindset/culture issues? 
- Do we want to address issues tied to daily operations, or are we aiming to improve strategic thinking? 
- Do we want to improve internal communication, external communication, or both? 
- Do we want to shed light on specific topics like values, leadership, sales or other specific behavior? 

From experience, the best keynotes are often built on conversations between the representative of our clients and us. 

Feel free to call me, and together we will identify the best way forward. 

- Alexander


Coaching - Business or Personal

Conversations based on individual needs

1) What is a coach?  2) Why use a coach?  3) Who uses a coach? 

These are fundamental questions for anyone looking for ways to prosper professionally or personally. The goal is always to support your progress towards your goals, whether you are looking for an unbiased sparing partner, or you feel stuck and are sick and tired of it!

1) So, WHAT is a coach?
Antigruff defines a coach as a trusted sparing partner. A coach is not an oracel providing "all the right answers", but rather an unbiased listener trained in helping you identify and put into words what keeps you from experiencing the progress and goals you want to achieve. A coach should listen more than speak, and when speaking a coach should ask questions to learn about your situation and further help you see both opportunities and challenges from new perspectives. 

2) Then, WHY use a coach? 
The practical and business-related answer to this is to save time, reduce risk, avoid being stuck in an unproductive thought pattern, seek creativity, and identify opportunities or new solutions. On a personal level, a good coach should help you challenge any limiting beliefs, remove fears, grow your self-confidence, support new decisions, and improve communication. You chose to invest time with a coach to become a better version of yourself. A better colleague, a better leader, a better sales expert, a better researcher, a better parent, a better friend, and/or a better spouse. 

3) Finally, WHO uses a coach?
Even though everybody could benefit from engaging with a coach, most people do not. The ones who do are usually people that have a position, and thus are responsible for very tangible results. These could be athletes, salespeople, or business leaders. It is well known that being a leader can be quite lonely, as even though a lot of people seek their attention and approval, they have rather few trusted people with whom they can share their personal concerns and challenges. A coach should represent such an asset.


Individuals that seek out and hire coaches are often very experienced and reflected people. They know that despite personal experience and knowledge, sharing ideas and thoughts out loud provides both opportunity to view things differently or confirm that the chosen path is the right one. 

Campaign Pitch

Everything DiSC

Individual analysis (online)
Group seminar / course

A key skill for all winning teams and organizations


What is Everything DiSC ?


Everything DiSC is an analysis and a tool to put behavioral styles and communication needs into an easy-to-understand system.

In other words, it is a tool and a skill-set indispensable for all teams that rely on their ability to cooperate, sell, explain, or lead.

When you learn what drives human behavior, you can recognize the signs, then adapt and adjust your own communication to increase the chance of developing strong connections, increasing the likeliness of clients buying from you, or becoming a better leader. 

Most participants are amazed when they understand WHY they "click" so easily with some people, and struggle to be in the same room with others. 

Communication is an art, and Learning about Everything DiSC puts it into an easy system.  


• A shared language regarding communication styles and needs

• Easy to use, thus easy to benefit

• Increased self-awareness – Strengths and areas for improvements

• Lower sickness absence, fewer conflicts, better working environment, lower turnover

• Employees who perform better, increased sense of responsibility and self-motivation

• Good character - a good reputation

• Increased goal attainment

• Higher scores on employee satisfaction surveys

• Recruitment: whom do we have, who do we need in relation to culture, environment, and desired results

• Employee meetings with greater returns

• and more...