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Keynote (Foredrag)

Tailor made keynotes for inspiration, team building, sales, or leadership

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The perfect energy boost for workshops, leader meetings, sales training, when celebrating something, or starting a new projects. Team members or colleagues are used to the sound of their leaders. Skilled leaders know this, and they also recognize that that they build their internal respect and trust when offering new inspiration to their organization. By bringing in an external speaker that asks questions in a different way, use other words, and speaks from a position not affected by the current culture and working relationships, is often what is needed to inspire a well working team, or spart the needed change in teams that have stoped thriving. However, let there be no doubt. A keynote or a team-coaching session has little or no value if the topics addressed are not followed up afterwards. That is why we strongly recommend to think through what the goal of a keynote is, and that it fits to the strategy of the operational or strategic goals of the organization. It can be smart to think through questions like: - What topics or skillsets do we want to improve moving forward? - What challenges do we currently experience that slows us down in the pursuit of our goals? - Do we experience challenges tied to technical issues, or mindset/culture issues? - Do we want to address issues tied to daily operations, or are we aiming to improve strategic thinking? - Do we want to improve internal communication, external communication, or both? - Do we want to shed light on specific topics like values, leadership, sales or other specific behavior? From experience, the best keynotes are often built on conversations between the representative of our clients and us. Feel free to call me, and together we will identify the best way forward. - Alexander

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