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Everything DiSC

A crucial training for anyone that rely on quality communication in leadership, sales, and teamwork

  • 6 hours
  • Starts at NOK 20.000
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Service Description

What is Everything DiSC ? Everything DiSC is an analysis and a tool to put behavioral styles and communication needs into an easy-to-understand system. In other words, it is a tool and a skill-set indispensable for all teams that rely on their ability to cooperate, sell, explain, or lead. When you learn what drives human behavior, you can recognize the signs, then adapt and adjust your own communication to increase the chance of developing strong connections, increasing the likeliness of clients buying from you, or becoming a better leader. Most participants are amazed when they understand WHY they "click" so easily with some people, and struggle to be in the same room with others. Communication is an art, and Learning about Everything DiSC puts it into an easy system. BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT WHEN IMPLEMENTED: • A shared language regarding communication styles and needs • Easy to use, thus easy to benefit • Increased self-awareness – Strengths and areas for improvements • Lower sickness absence, fewer conflicts, better working environment, lower turnover • Employees who perform better, increased sense of responsibility and self-motivation • Good character - a good reputation • Increased goal attainment • Higher scores on employee satisfaction surveys • Recruitment: whom do we have, who do we need in relation to culture, environment, and desired results • Employee meetings with greater returns • and more...

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